Mal TajMae House Trust

Mal TajMae House Trust

Mal Tajmae House Trust is a leading housing and Estate Service provider.

We offer award-winning fiduciary and Mortgage-Loan services to Ultra High Net Worth clients and their professional advisers when acquiring and we also make available Low-budget Luxury Apartment Houses for Middle-class clients at low price rents and also on Installment payments for purchase.

Our services are tailored to the exacting needs of each clients and delivered with personal care and attention.

As part of the Mal Tajmae group of companies, the services offered by Mal Tajmae House Trust can be combined with investment, property, financing and concierge solutions of the collective group, providing our clients with a comprehensive and cohesive service that gives significant peace of mind.

Our independence strengthens our appeal to clients and advisers, as it allows us the freedom to act in a responsive and agile manner. This enables Mal Tajmae House Trust to create structures that are truly bespoke. Our considerable depth of knowledge and expertise ensures the structures we deliver protect and enhance assets today and into the future.